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Meet the Team

Romilly Financial is an independent fee based planning practice that serves corporate, high net worth and aspirational clients alike. The practice covers many disciplines including retirement planning, investment of lump sums, protecting your life, health and estate and of course lending, both commercially and residentially. Our practice separates advice into two principle areas, that of product and strategy. The two often go hand in hand but can be sometimes required as stand alone. We are authorised by the Financial Services Authority, Members of SIFA, and engage the highest quality advisers who employ the professional standards required to provide impartial independent advice.

David Stealey DipPFS : Senior Financial PlannerVOUCHEDFOR250 IFAs

davefrontpageFor over 24 years David has served the financial services sector, as a home service agent, lending adviser, and Managing Director of his own firm. What began as a stop gap until deciding on a career, his drive lead to the formation and development of a successful fee based financial planning practice. With his direction and efforts the company have assisted thousands of clients meet their financial goals. He gained enormous experience as a Pearl Assurance agent in the late 80’s, learning the value of client service. In ’93 he moved onto Legal & General and continued with multi disciplined advice to personal and corporate clients alike. In ’97 Romilly Associates was formed. Providing fee based impartial advice was key to clients getting the help they needed to build wealth.

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Marcus Rees DipFA : Senior Financial PlannerVOUCHEDFOR250 IFAs

With over 20 years experience in the Financial Services sector Marcus has an extensive knowledge of working with clients both corporate and retail, helping each achieve their aims and goals. Starting with Chemical Bank in Cardiff (now JPMorgan Chase) he worked with large corporate investors on multi million pound transactions in the foreign exchange markets. The merger of Chemical with Chase Manhattan Bank found Marcus moving into the legal aspects of residential finance. He worked in senior positions with a number of the leading UK law firms and together with a team of 50 people he represented many of the major mortgage lenders. Having worked with corporate clients for many years Marcus took advantage of a change in direction and began working for individuals and SME’s. He joined Romilly Financial in 2010. He has very quickly established an excellent reputation working closely with his clients ensuring they are financially stable, well protected and achieving their long term financial goals

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Mandy Godfrey, Paraplanner & Office Manager

Mandy joined Romilly Financial from a legal background in 2000. Over the 15 years with the company Mandy has built excellent, trusting relationships with our clients and regularly demonstrates her wealth of experience in all areas. Her role demands the preparation of planning strategies, analysis of the market and its performance. She continues this role in administering these plans, preparing annual reports along with supporting the advisers. Her job also requires her to meet the day to day needs of a busy office.


Tina Leonard, Marketing & Client Management

Tina has been with Romilly Financial since 2003 and her role includes heading up our marketing campaigns and management of the firm client base. Tina has a wealth of general insurance experience, client management systems and provides paraplanning support in the protection arena. She administers all protection applications and provides the additional organisation needs in support of the advisers.



rom katyKaty joined Romilly Financial in 2017 with two years prior experience in the mortgage application process.  Her role demands proactively reviewing pipeline cases to ensure they are managed effectively, assisting with new applications received from the mortgage advisors, requesting outstanding information and providing an initial case assessment prior to full underwriting. Katy role requires her to work closely with case managers, solicitors and lenders and a number of clients from varying backgrounds.