Equity Release

Equity release is advertised heavily in the media but it is important to obtain independent financial advice before deciding if it is the right thing for you.

There are many providers and products – we help clients find the right solution for their personal circumstances.

Taking money out of your home via an equity release scheme is sometimes seen as an alternative to downsizing. Equity release means you can stay put without the stress and expense of moving.

The ‘equity’ in your home just means the market value of your home less any loans or debts (like a mortgage) you have secured against it.

Equity release gives you the chance to use the money tied up in your house – whether that’s making home improvements, or seeing loved ones enjoy their inheritance in your lifetime.

There can be Inheritance Tax advantages of using equity release in the right circumstances.

To be eligible for an equity release plan, you’ll need to be a UK homeowner age 55 or over. Even if you still have a small mortgage on your property, you could still be eligible.

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