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Buying your own home or remortgaging an existing loan can prove difficult and time consuming. Searching through Best Buy tables, scanning the internet and phoning the lenders only adds to the confusion. Some points to consider before applying are; 

  • What type of rate do you want and for how long? Fixed, Discounted, Tracker, Offset, Capped, LIBOR, Variable are all types of rate that should be considered. 
  • How many years should you repay the mortgage over? The shorter the term the lower the total amount to pay and the higher the monthly repayments.
  • What fees will I have to pay? Typically, the lenders arrangement fee, survey fee, sealing fee and solicitors fees are payable.
  • What are the other features of the mortgage? How much can be overpaid without penalty, is the loan portable to another property

At Romilly Financial we discuss your priorities and explain all the features of your selected mortgage. We help you understand the implications of your new loan.