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One of the key methods of mitigating risk is to diversify your investment. One way of achieving this is to invest into a ‘collective’. A collective is, as it sounds, a pool of investors whose money is placed with an investment or fund manager. The managers job is to use that money to buy stock across a diversified range within his or her mandate. Collectives can be can be funds or trusts an can have a wide range of variations. They can be sometimes known as fund of funds or manager of manager, or just simply managed funds. Generally collectives make use of a professional investment manager and benefit from the economy of scale that a pooled fund can demand. These collectives can be geographically specific, company specific (EG technology, industry) or simply managed funds investing in a wide range of sectors. Collectives or investment funds as they are also commonly known provide the back bone to the investment and saving universe, attracting investment from pension funds, ISA funds, Government gilts and of course fixed interest.

Choosing the right funds to make up an investment or savings portfolio is key to minimising your risk and maximising your growth. Making use of modern technology and portfolio theory Romilly Financial is able to tailor a suitable investment plan for you.