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We needed a financial advisor for our limited business. Dave is brilliant, he know his stuff but explains everything in a way that someone not financial literate can understand. He's friendly but professional and keeps things straightforward and simple.

Recommendation from a friend. Mr Stealy had consistently provided a financial service of distinction. His years of experience and depth of knowledge has been called upon by myself on a number occasions. Each time I have found the service provided not only highly professional but tailored specifically to my financial needs. Romilly associates has recently been of great assistance in a recent buy-to-let venture offering a highly personal service, to the extent of visiting me in my home in order to expedite a mortgage application.

I retired in May 2015. Advised me on the best way to maximise my pension income. Dave was knowledgable, informative & instilled confidence. Most definately. Dave was helpful. Professional & instilled confidence.

With retirement only a short number of days away it was time to review my investment plans and pension options. Provided an investment plan more suited to my needs that current and continues to look for the best pension options for my future plans and needs. To early to see any outcomes in monetary terms however investment portfolio looks exciting and pension options presented that I had not considered.

I came into some inherited funds for which I required advice on investment. He talked me through the possibilities, and explained why he recommended a particular course of action. I am confident that the investments will - or should - result in a worthwhile return. Nothing of course is guaranteed, but judicious selection, along with a spread of investments.. should give a reasonable degree of security.