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Our team and why you should use our services

As an independent financial advice company in Cardiff, we provide specialist advice to help you make the most of your finances. Whether you are looking for investment advice, need help planning for your retirement or need advice regarding insurance, we have you covered.

The team at Romilly Financial has years of experience in financial planning and advice. Our senior financial planners have over 20 years of experience in the industry and we are rated amongst the top 250 IFAs in the UK.

Here are some more reasons to use our services.


Secure Your Objectives

We provide sound and proven advice by working with you to help meet your financial requirements in the long term. You might want to create a regular stream of income, or you’d be looking to plan for the unforeseen future. No matter what it is, we will hear you out to come up with a sound financial plan for you.

Plan for Your Retirement

We can plan for the long-term by creating a retirement plan that looks at all the available options. As your financial advice company in Cardiff, we will go through all the rules and options to create a custom portfolio that maximises your wealth.

Meet Your Investment Goals

As you progress in your career in life, you might buy assets and your income might increase. You might want to review your goals to buy an investment property or pay off your mortgage. As your objectives change and evolve, we will review all the possible scenarios and options to create the best plan that can help reach your goals most effectively.

Stay on Track

You have a solid plan, your financial goals are being met, and your investments are all set. Even then, you need someone to monitor their progress just in case things change for the worse. That’s where our financial advice company in Cardiff can help. We will monitor the changes in the market to ensure that your funds are well placed. We will constantly review and track your investment position to ensure it’s going in the right direction.

Complete Peace of Mind

Money is a complex matter, especially if you’ve had a sudden windfall to provide for your income requirements and ongoing care. There are several things that you must think of, to not only protect it but also to make it work for you. The markets are extremely volatile and media tend to exaggerate the risk as well as rewards. We will take away the stress of investment.

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