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5 Types of Mortgages Your Financial Advisor Cardiff Can Help You With

Getting a mortgage is a big decision. Whether you’re buying a property, refinancing, or extending your home loan, the entire process can be exacting, to say the least. However, it’s important to get professional help when it comes to choosing the right mortgage. Romilly Financial is a leading financial advice company in Cardiff with years of experience.

Our expert mortgage advisors can provide neutral, unbiased and professional advice about remortgaging, bridging finance, property purchase, commercial lending and more. Here are five kinds of mortgages your financial advice company in Cardiff can assist you with.

Residential Mortgage

When it comes to purchasing your first home or remortgaging an existing one, the process can seem endless. There are several aspects to consider. What kind of rate should you choose? How long should the mortgage be for? What are the fees you might have to pay? What part of the mortgage can you overpay without paying penalty? Our financial advisors will discuss your requirements to help you choose the right product.

Commercial Mortgage

Commercial mortgage is a complicated mess. Whether you are building a property or require bridging loans, you need to consider a variety of aspects. The commercial mortgage market is an unregulated one and the funding comes from equity ventures, high street banks as well as private international lenders. Your financial advisor will consider all the aspects and also help you with the application process.

Buy to Let Mortgages

Want to buy a property to let it out? You will need to plan appropriately to ensure it aligns with your wealth building and pension planning goals. Your financial advisor can provide expert advice on the various features of buy to let mortgages that are available in the market and help you choose a product that best meets your requirements.

Secured Loans

Remortgaging an existing property isn’t really a cake walk ever since the housing market crisis of 2008. The interest rates and the fees have only been on the higher side and property prices have seen corrections. In that light, a secured loan makes a lot of sense. However, you must consider a variety of factors like interest rate, lending term and redemption penalty among other things to be able to choose the right product. And that’s where our financial advisors in Cardiff can assist you.

Instant Secured Loans

Secured loans are a great option, but the approval process can take a long time. An instant secured loan is an option you can consider when you require a large sum of money urgently. These loans are approved very quickly and hence very popular. However, it’s important to not take a hasty decision. Our advisors can ensure you are making the right choice and taking the right step forward.

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