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Do I Need a Financial Advisor?

The role of a financial advisor is to help you understand the different types of investment options that are available to you and the risk factors involved in each. They advise you on investments that can be best for you depending on your existing financial profile, your financial goals and your risk tolerance. They can also advise on a range of other financial aspects including insurance, critical illness planning, estate distribution and income protection.

But the big question is – do you really need a financial advisor?

As an experienced financial advisor in Cardiff with 70+ years of combined experience in the industry, we can definitely say that you stand to gain a lot with expert guidance.

Reason #1: We Make You Tax-Smart

The whole process of filing for taxes can be overwhelming. The entire process of obtaining your tax receipts, arranging your expenses and going through the actual process of paying taxes – all of this can take a lot of time and effort.

If you are of the mindset that you would be getting back money in case you overpaid, then it would help to realise this – paying the correct tax amount in the first place would have saved you the refund, which would have been fetching you interest (even if it is only a small amount) if invested in a bank.

By paying taxes without proper planning and waiting for refunds, you are only offering interest-free funds to the government.

Romilly Financial can handle your tax processes saving you time, stress, and yes money. We are an independent financial advisor in Cardiff catering to the needs of corporate businesses, high net worth businesses and individuals, and individuals looking to achieve consistent financial success.

Reason #2: We Work for You

With a professional financial advisor, you get a dedicated expert team that works for you tirelessly. We utilise our broad knowledge of finance and financial sectors to educate you and help you make well-informed decisions that reduce your risk profile and bring in consistent gains.

With Romilly Financial, you get a financial advisor in Cardiff who’s experienced in a range of financial advisory functions including lumpsum investment management, retirement planning, commercial and residential mortgage management, investment planning, and insurance and other life protection planning.

Reason #3: We Help You Handle Down Markets with Minimal Loss

Our job is to keep analysing markets, economic trends, amendments or changes in government regulations among other things to gain key investment insights. So, we are better-equipped to advise you on investments that are just fads and fade out eventually.

Even if you fail at a specific investment, we can help you minimise your loss, save your capital, and help you in preventing such mistakes in the future with a well-planned strategy.

As a financial advisor in Cardiff authorised by the Financial Services Authority, and as a member of SIFA, Romilly Financial maintains high standards. Our financial product and strategy services are conceptualised and implemented by highly-qualified practitioners reputed for extending highly impartial and independent counsel.

A financial advisor can help you carve a secure financial future. With Romilly Financial, you get a multi-specialist financial advisor in Cardiff with your best interests in mind. Call us at 029 2041 5100 for a free consultation.